Jul 27, 2015


In SpinSling's first bigger update, we've added more content, balanced pricing and fixed some bugs. Our biggest add-on is the leaderboard, a much requested feature, that will be sure to bring a competetive edge to the game!


Among the added content are the contest winners from Desucon10: Drake the Dragon and the fancy green hat that you will see in-game. These were the winning contributions from our drawing contest and we're really happy to finally have the designs in our game!


Bug fixes:

- Obstacles should no longer appear behind foreground elements

- Pirate ship should now behave as intended all the time.

- Camera should now work properly when moving really fast forward.

- Critters should move just as fast above screen as you would do otherwise


New features, content and content changes:

- Leaderboards!

- More costumes! Including astronaut suits and ghost outfit

- New critters: Cybrex the Cyborg and Drake the Dragon

- Critter change: Puggy the Pug's design has been altered.

- More value for your money in the berry shop and new visuals!



- The chili power-up will create a burst of fire around the character where it lands, removing all obstacles for safer landing.

- Added indication when Watermelon-effect wears off

- Clickable achievements (for reward) now has a pulse animation.

- Several code optimization tweaks.


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